Ezbuy works with Kerry Logistics to offer 200,000 free face masks.

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1 min readApr 7, 2020

SUBANG JAYA: The struggle of getting face masks during these times are real. Realizing these difficulties, e-commerce operator Ezbuy works with Kerry Logistics to offer 200,000 free face masks.

The free face mask will be distributed through the Kerry Logistics Network.

Ezbuy and Kerry Logistics is always aware of the global pandemic situation and has worked closely with one another to ensure the stability of supply in face masks.

With a broad customer base and cross-border logistics, Ezbuy and Kerry Logistics believes this is the fastest and most effective way to help those in need.

Both companies will continue to serve customers to fight COVID-19 and hope to recover as soon as possible.

In order to redeem the free face mask, customers would need to log in to the ezbuy.my/myWelfare website and fill out the relevant details.

After the successful confirmation, Ezbuy has appointed ABX Express, a subsidiary of Kerry Logistics Network for the shipment process. ABX Express is actively delivering these face masks.

We hope this act inspires people to contribute to the community during times like these. #kitajagakita



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