ABX Express

ABX Express First East Malaysia’s Parcel Shop in Sabah is now open!

ABX Express proudly announces to our East Malaysia citizens that the first East Malaysia parcel shop is now open. Yes! You read that right. Located in Bundusan Square, our staffs are here to assist you from packaging your shipments to the payment. AND! For this month, customers that send to our Bundusan outlet will be receiving a limited edition of ABX Express bags.

Parcel’s Shop Added Value

  1. Free flyers for the walk-in customers.
  2. Free bubble wraps for walk-in customers.
  3. Pick-up service for online sellers near Bundusan Square.
  4. Follow-up shipments assistance for walk-in customers.
  5. Friendly staff to assist customer’s inquiries.

ABX Express specializes in domestic delivery service that helps you to add value to your business, products, and services.