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6 min readFeb 24, 2020

We all work around people every day; in fact, we spend more time with our colleagues than with our families. Working too long in an organization means you get to learn about each co-worker’s little quirky traits. There are different species of co-workers that you may find around you.

So, what kind of colleagues are you surrounded by?

  1. The “Konon” Health Nut

Traits: Swears by quotes on healthy living & mentions “I’m eating clean” way too much but doesn’t.

This individual’s favorite topic of discussion is about healthy eating and dietary nutrients one needs to sustain a healthy lifestyle. They are constantly going on about ideal choices of food that are good for boosting productivity throughout the day. However, they never come into work without having their dose of morning nasi lemak.

2. The Asyik Complain Je

Traits: Complains, whine, and cries.

Some days are bad; some days are good but somehow this person manages to find something new to complain about every single day. They will moan on about literally anything each day. On the bright side, they never run out of topics to talk about, no awkward pauses.

3. The Computer Guy

Traits: Does not judge you for not being tech-savvy.

Keep in mind that we have an experienced and dedicated in-house IT team. There’s always this one person that everyone goes to with a computer problem, this person is not from the IT department.

4. The Workaholic

Traits: Lives, breaths, and bleeds for the company & never fail to ask you if you’re on a half-day when you leave work on time.

Be it 9 AM or 10 PM, the workaholic considers the office as their home. These types of people are found glued to their seats, which includes lunch hours. People in the office would often have mixed feelings of respect or pity towards them.

5. The Conscious Dresser

Traits: Dress up to the 9’s Monday — Friday.
No matter the occasion you can always rely on this individual to show up in style, literally. Head to toe always on fleek!

6. The Sleepy Head

Traits: Sleepy all day, errrday!

They are a bunch of unenthusiastic people who are not interested in participating in any activity. They seldom show desire to do anything. But luckily they happen to be some of the fastest workers. All for that extra 5 minute nap.

7. The Jolly One

Traits: Hyper, happy & carefree.

It’s as if you’re working with a little Smurf. There’s nothing much to say except that they are a very cheerful group.

8. The Walking Newspaper

Traits: Absolute sweethearts that you wished would just shut up.

One of the most common types that can be found in almost every office environment. In short, it’s no surprise that these types of individuals like to get their hands on the latest news and want recognition from talking about other people (usually talking behind their backs and spreading highly exaggerated rumors). If you find yourself talking to someone like this at the office, be cautious. Chances are they could already be talking about you behind your back. Be diplomatic and create space with this type of person to stay out of trouble. Siapa yang makan cili, dia yang terasa pedas.. hm! Pedaskan?

9. The OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Traits: Perfectionist

Individuals who constantly want to be in control of everything and anyone that is around them. Usually, they’ll overstep their boundaries just to justify their means of getting things done on their terms even if it’s not fully related to them. If you are working with a colleague with this trait, praise them for their commitment and effort but also give them advice on keeping a balance.

10. The Office Monk

Traits: Have taken the vow of silence & will not hesitate to shhh! you.

This person is not the oversharing type. Neither are they a particularly challenging one to deal with, but they can be confusing to some. This person may seem distant, withdrawn, or even snobby when in reality they are simply not social butterflies (Introverts). They prefer their peace while they work to complete their tasks.

11. The Office Bestie

Traits: One word…AWeeSOME!

Studies show that having a work BFF can not only improve job satisfaction but also boost performance and productivity. Therefore, fully embrace the colleague you know, like, and trust the most out of your peers. This is the person that you can vent to, but also rely on for honest feedback. If you’re truly looking to grow, buddy up with a straight shooter.

12. The Raja Lawak

Traits: Can’t get through a meeting without cracking a joke.

People of this type love to crack dumb and boring jokes, and think they are very good at it. They are obsessed with their jokes and want people to appreciate their sense of humor. Some of their jokes could be funny but they distract you from work.

13. The Heartbreaker

Traits: Just drop-dead gorgeous.

Considered the best-looking individuals in the office. Its either everyone wants to befriend or date them. The best part of it all, they’re completely aware of this and they tend to use this to their advantage when seeking favors from other colleagues.

14. The Selalu Lapar

Traits: Always deciding where to eat for lunch right after morning breakfast & has the best recommendations on where to eat….ha duh!

The co-worker whose desk you would visit most among other employees. Such colleagues stock up on snacks in their drawers and expect everyone around to help themselves. Whenever any colleague needs a mid-day energy boost, they’re stocked, loaded and ready to share!

15. The Motivator

Traits: Good listeners & gives the best guidance.

This special group of people are super passionate about their jobs and will encourage everyone around them to be the same. They are always finding ways to express their appreciation to their team members. They communicate well and express unerring positivity.



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